Voice Solutions

Communication with customers and clients is as important as offering the best service or product. Mettel provides best in class voice solutions to meet the growing needs of this industry. From analog to digital to PRI on up to VoIP using SIP, Mettel provides the product, the expertise and service to achieve your goals without losing focus of your budget. We have the most advanced product offerings for voice solutions to help meet your most challenging business demands.

Mettel customers interested in moving away from traditional voice solutions tend to favor the softphone, which utilizes the Internet for inbound and outbound communications. This service allows you greater flexibility in your communication needs and better manages the volume of calls. Everyone is on the go, and those businesses who are more dependent on mobility are looking for a secure, cost-effective mobile solution. Mettel provides services including WiFi phone and mobility capabilities in order to meet these demands.

Have you debated whether to join the proverbial cloud or to stay grounded with your tech needs? The hybrid cloud in addition to onsite storage and data processing capabilities keep your business moving. Thanks to our extensive experience with each of these computing venues we improve collaboration with user-friendly communications.

Organizing your voice solutions can seem like a virtual nightmare. In addition to unified communications, Mettel is a one-stop shop for all of your communication capabilities – ranging from chat to video conferencing to data sharing. We will handle the heavy lifting and create an online presence for your company that showcases your attention to detail, while keeping customers and clients connected to the proper channels.

Transform your business with voice solutions such as ACD/ IVR (Advance Call Routing/ Interactive Voice Response), speech recognition and DECT/ Bluetooth (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). Our customers depend on unified messaging programs, as well as modernized reporting and analytics compilation service, to create a fully functional voice system solutions. If you are working with remote employees, support virtual extensions and multi-site solutions to provide secure, reliable and real-time collaboration. We make working long distance worth your while. Other programs available at Mettel include:

  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Toll Free
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery